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Thor Movie Action Figure

Thor Movie Action Figure


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This is an 8 inch action figure of  Thor, the star of the fantastic Marvel comics movie. Thor is a god from the realm owho becomes one of the Avengers alongside Iron Man and Captain America. This Thor toy comes with his hammer Mjölnir for fighting his many enemies. This Thor action figure is a very good likeness of the actor Chris Hemsworth who plays him in the movie. 

Age 4+



Thor character bio

Thor is the son Of Odin and is from the realm of Asgard. In the comic books he loses all of his powers and becomes mortal when he is not holding his hammer Mjölnir. In the comics his human alter ego goes by the name of Donald Blake. In the recent movie Thor is stripped of his powers by his father Odin until he has proven himself worthy. Thor has a red cape and can fly and perform incredible feats through the use of Mjölnir. He will next be seen in the Marvel movie The Avengers alongside Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawk Eye and the Hulk.

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