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Sith Infiltrator

Sith Infiltrator

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The Sith Infiltrator is the spaceship of Darth Maul who is a dark lord of the Sith. This Sith Infiltrator toy comes with two launching rockets that are hidden from view and can be revealed to make a surprise attack on Jedi ships. The Infiltrator is similar in design to Tie Fighters from the classic Star Wars Trilogy and features in Episode 1 The Phantom Menace.  In the movie this Darth Maul Ship is seen taking the Sith Apprentice to Tattooine to hunt for Queen Amidala and her Jedi protectors. 

The Sith Infiltrator is reduced in price due to some box damage which you can see in the photos below. 


Ages 4+

Sith Infiltrator  Box Dimensions:

14 Inches across

4 inches high

Figure not inclu


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