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Separatist Hyena Bomber

Separatist Hyena Bomber


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The Separatist Hyena droid bomber packs a punch and is justly feared by Republic clone pilots. The Hyena Bomber is brimming with lasers, rockets and bombs. The Hyena is different to the vulture droid and is a heavy ordnance bomber with rotating wings for air or ground attack. The Hyena Bomber from the Clone Wars also has the ability to stand up on its wings and walk and makes a fearsome droid opponent for the Jedi and the clones. 

This Clone Wars toy has a pop up swivelling droid head, a flight mode and ground attack mode, bomb dropping action and a firing missile projectile. The packaging of this clone wars toy converts into a diorama so you can recreate exciting battles.  

Ages 4+

Figure not included

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