Ravage Deluxe Class

Ravage Deluxe Class

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Product Information

Sea Attack Ravage is a Decepticon who is tasked with stealing the remaining shard of the Allspark. With cannons mounted on his back and the ability to travel underwater ROTF Ravage is a fearsome foe for any Autobots who come across him.  The Transformers ROTF Sea Attack Ravage toy transforms from a robot cat into an underwater attack form.


Ravage Character Bio

Ravage was one of the Decepticons in the Generation 1 series of the Transformers. In the original series Ravage transformed from a tape cassette into a robot cat. Ravage was one of the Decepticons that came out of Soundwaves chest. In the movie Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave and Ravage are still connected. Like the original Generation 1 Ravage he gets fired out of Soundwave. Ravage in Revenge of the Fallen gets a great scene where he has a battle to the death with Bumblebee.

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