Power Master Optimus Prime

Power Master Optimus Prime


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Product Information

This is a 1987 Powermaster Optimus Prime toy which is in good condition and nearly complete. The toy has loose joints with no yellowing and is sold as seen in the photos below.  Powermaster Optimus Prime comes with the Nebulon named Hi-Q who transforms from part of Optimus' engine into a small robot. The truck cab transforms into a small figure of Optimus Prime which looks very similar to the original Optimus toy and character. The Cab joins with the trailer to create a much bigger Optimus Prime. Head of larger Prime is included as are two grey shoulder guns. The two black hand guns are missing.


Powermaster Optimus Prime Character Bio

Optimus Prime was killed in the 1985 Animated Transformers movie as were a lot of popular characters to make way for new ones. Optimus due to his popularity was brought back in the fourth series of the cartoon. Sometime after the fourth series Optimus Prime's body was critivally damaged but his mind was alive. Goldbug formerly Bumblebee took Optimus' mind to the Nebulons to make him a new body. They did but as Nebulon fuel was now deadly to Transformers Prime needed to become a Powermaster and join with the Nebulon Hi-Q to survive.

More Power Master Optimus Prime Photos

Powermaster Optimus Prime Small Robot Powermaster Optimus Prime Truck Mode Powermaster Optimus Prime  Hi Q and Head

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