Leader Class Optimus Prime

Leader Class Optimus Prime

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The Transformers Optimus Prime leader class figure transforms from truck to robot  and is one big toy. This Optimus Prime leader class robot is incredibly well designed and nearly identical to the Optimus Prime seen in Revenge of the Fallen. The toy is an improvement on the original movies Optimus Prime figure as it is more detailed.  Just like in the movie this Optimus Prime toy combines with the leader class Jetfire toy to become a hugely powerful Autobot. The transformation of this toy from robot to truck is intricate and will take some time to get right, but it's worth it.

It features snap out hooks so that leader class Optimus Prime can do battle with any nearby  Decepticons.  As seen in the film this Optimus Prime has some cool face scarring on his right side after his battles with Decepticons. The toy also has mech alive moving gears and transformation noises and he says 'I am Optimus Prime'.  This is an awesome Transformers toy and will take pride of place in any Transformers collection. This toy is from the Hunt for the Decepticons range.

Optimus Prime Leader Class Toy Character Bio

Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots and in Revenge of the Fallen is working with the humans in an alliance called N.E.S.T to hunt down any Decepticons on Earth. Optimus Prime is first seen in the film dropping out of a plane in an attack on the Decepticon Demolisher. In one of the films best scenes the Autobot Leader Optimus Prime is seen taking on three deadly Decepticons in order to keep Sam Witwicky safe. Prime is later revealed to be the only one who can defeat the Fallen before he destroys the Earths Sun. Optimus Prime would glady sacrifice himself to keep his Autobots as well as the human race safe.