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Mixmaster voyager class

Mixmaster voyager class


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Product Information

Mixmaster is a Decepticon and an explosive and chemist expert. The Mixmaster toy Transforms from a cement mixer to a robot and also into a gun. He is one of the Contructicons who combine to create Devastator. (This toy is not a combiner.) Mixmaster was one of the original Constructicons in the Generation 1 series where he was a green cement truck.

He is seen in Revenge of the Fallen in a scene where he stands on top of a bridge in an American city and he is also one of the Decepticons who helps in re-activating Megatron. Mixmaster meets his match at the end of the film when Jetfire cuts him in half but not before causing all sorts of carnage as one part of Devastator and on his on in battle.

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Mixmaster box frontMixmaster box back Mixmaster robot Mixmaster cement truck

Mixmaster Product Details

Level 3/4 transforming difficulty
Minimum Age: Age 5+
Size of Product box in cm: 28 x 19.5 x 10cm

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