Leader Class Starscream

Leader Class Starscream


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Product Information

This Transformers Starscream Leader Class toy is an awesome size and transforms fully from a fighter jet into a robot. Starscreams arm converts into a cannon and he makes transforming and speaking noises

Character Bio

Starscream transforms into an F22 Raptor fighter jet and is feared by both Autobots and Decepticons alike. In Revenge of the Fallen Starscream does battle with the Autobot Optimus Prime and loses an arm. Starscream is one evil Transformer who dreams of leading the Decepticons to glory against the Autobots. He is constantly trying to steal the leadership crown from Megatron but lacks the courage to stand up to him directly.

After the death of Megatron at the hands of Sam Witwicky Starscream travels to see the Fallen who is the true ruler of the Decepticons to create an army that once brought to Earth will cause devastation to humans and Autobots alike. This Transformers leader class Starscream toy looks almost exactly like the movie Starscream.