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Transformers Leader Bumblebee

Transformers Leader Bumblebee

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Mech Tech leader class Bumblebee toy

This is the leader class Dark of the Moon version of Bumblebee and it's massive. Leader Bumblebee stands at 10 inches high with weapons galore. This DOTM Bumblebee toy includes Mech Tech weapons technology and the weapons can combine with any Mech Tech figure to create new weapons. This Transformers Dark of the Moon  Bumblebee figure transforms from a robot into a Camaro concept car. This Bumblebee toy is one of the best looking Bumblebee toys yet and is incredibly movie accurate.

Ages   5+

2 AA Batteries included

Dark of the Moon Bumblebee bio

Bumblebee in Dark of the Moon gets a bit of an uprgade weapons wise. In Camaro and robot form he has more weaponry to take aim at the Decepticons with. During the film he maintains his friendship with Sam Witwicky and helps him unravel the secret behind the Dark of the Moon.  In one of Bumblebees best scenes from Dark of the moon he transforms on a freeway with Sideswipe and Dino while battling the Dreads.

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