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Transformers G1 Metroplex

Transformers G1 Metroplex

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This G1 Metroplex toy is an authentic boxed and nearly complete Generation 1 transformer. Metroplex comes packaged in his original  polystyrene insert and box. Metroplex is nearly complete and is only missing 3 rockets and Six Guns blaster. He comes with two big red guns, two black shoulder guns, black Scamper car, mini tank, knee pads, Six gun and used sticker sheet. Metroplex has no yellowing and his joints are tight. This original Metroplex toy will make a great addition to any Transformers fans collection. 

Metroplex character bio

In the Transformers Metroplex is a Generation 1 Autobot Transformer who changes from Autobot city into a robot and also into a mobile fortress. When he transforms into a robot his attachments also transform into some smaller robots. Metroplex G1 is heavily armed with guns and rockets on his shoulders and two giant red guns in his robot hands. In the cartoons he is often seen doing battle with the Decepticon Tryptic. Metroplex is seen in the Transformers series 3 and 4 after the events of the Animated movie.