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Vintage Transformers Ultra Magnus

Vintage Transformers Ultra Magnus

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This fantastic 1984 G1 Ultra Magnus toy comes used and incomplete. His joints are tight and he looks great in truck and robot mode. He comes with his chest plate, cab connector and blue head. Ultra Magnus transforms from a car carrier truck into an Autobot commander. As a robot he stands at about 9 inches high and will make a fantastic addition to any Generation 1 Transformers collector. As a truck he has space to fit Autobot cars into his trailer making him even cooler. The cab of the truck transforms into a white identical version of the G1 Optimus Prime. Combine him with the trailer and you've got Ultra Magnus the Autobot city commander.


Ultra Magnus Character Bio

Ultra Magnus was first seen in the Transformers Animated Movie. After the death of Optimus Prime he became the Autobot leader when Optimus Prime gave him the Matrix of Leadership which would light the Autobots darkest hour. Ultra Magnus failed to open the matrix when attacked by Galvatron and was blown up. I guess he confused the Autobots darkest hour with his own. He was later put back together by the Junkticons and was one of the few Autobots to survive the movie. Ultra Magnus became one of the main characters in the transformers series that came after the movie but was no longer leader, that mantle was handed to Rodimus Prime.

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