Battered Bots

Battered Bots - G1 Transformers

battered bots G1 transformers

Decepticon Attack

The Autobots have suffered a major defeat against the Decepticons and have been forced to flee. Sideswipe, Jazz and Wheeljack have been ambushed by a new massive Decepticon under the control of the evil Galvatron. The three Autobots battled the giant Decepticon so that the injured Ultra Magnus, Prowl, Smokescren and Hound could escape. Being the fastest of the Autobots has meant that Sideswipe, Jazz and Wheeljack have managed to escape but they are have all been damaged in battle and are in need of repair.



Sideswipe wanted to continue the battle against Galvatron and his Decepticons but was ordered to retreat by his commande…




G1 Wheeljack Wheeljack is the Autobot scientist and inventor and is a very important member of the team. Wheeljack race…


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