G1 Optimus Prime

G1 Optimus Prime


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This G1 1980 - 82 Optimus Prime toy comes as seen with no accessories. This is a classic Transformers toy and will take pride of place in any collection. When in robot form his arms are a bit loose but looks great on display. Optimus Prime comes with no accessories. The 1980's Optimus Prime toy was highly sought after at the time and is still a highly collectible toy.


Optimus Prime Character Bio

Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots and one of the most popular Transformers. Optimus is a brave and caring leader of the Autobots who does battle frequently with his arch nemesis Megatron. Optimus's trailer transforms into a powerful mobile battle station

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Optimus Prime Truck G1 Optimus Prime Trailer

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