Marvel Legends Terrax Series

The new Marvel Legends Terrax Series are now in stock at BangZap Toys. The series contains some of the coolest Marvel action figures I have ever seen. The Legends series has delivered some brilliant action figures in the past. In fact you can see the Marvel Legends series IV figure of Beast up above holding up the RSS button. Previous series have come with comics and collect and build action figures.

The idea is that you buy the whole collection and get a piece of a larger figure with each one. Previous figures have included Apocalypse, Galactus and A Sentinel. Of course you may end up having to buy a figure that you may not have bothered with but the build a figures look fantastic. The latest series has ditched the comics which is a shame as that was a great bonus.

The new Marvel Legends series of figures comes with pieces to make a huge figure of Terrax a previous herald of Galactus. The series includes Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Thor, Klaw, Hope Summers,Steve Rogers and Constrictor. My favourites of which are the fantastic looking two Avengers Iron Man, and Thor figures and the amazing Ghost Rider figure. Check out the pics below.

On the side of the bad guys are Klaw and Constrictor. I’ll confess I had never heard of them but they both look pretty cool. Klaw has a sonic cannon on his arm and Constrictor is armed with two steel coils.