BangZap Battles: Iron Man versus Starscream

Iron man vs starscream

Since the dawn of comic book heroes fans have asked each other the unanswerable questions. Who would win in a fight? Wolverine or Hulk? Superman or Thor? Batman or Catman? Maybe that’s not the No. 1 fight fans are waiting for but you get the idea. It’s always fun trying to figure out who would be the victor in a battle royale.

Marvel Legends Terrax Series

Marvel legends build a figure terrax

The new Marvel Legends Terrax Series are now in stock at BangZap Toys. The series contains some of the coolest Marvel action figures I have ever seen. The Legends series has delivered some brilliant action figures in the past. In fact you can see the Marvel Legends series IV figure of Beast up above holding up the RSS button. Previous series have come with comics and collect and build action figures. Read More »

Star Wars Phantom Menace Vehicles

As you may have noticed The Phantom Menace was recently released in Cinemas in 3D. And where there’s a Star Wars release there’s toys. Lots of them. Like all Star Wars movies The Phantom Menace has some unique looking spaceships and vehicles that make great toys. In stock now are some very cool Episode 1 toys. Here’s a rundown. Read More »