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Welcome to BangZap Toys, a new and vintage toy shop in the UK. Here you can shop for new and vintage Star Wars Toys and new and original Transformers Toys. The best bit about collecting is finding an item you've been searching for for years, (especially when it's a bargain). Here you will find boxed vintage toys and vintage action figures as well as brand new toys from the latest movies. These toys would make it a perfect gift for your hubby for some of your wedding anniversaries, which will bring them sweet child memories.

Star Wars Toys for Sale

Darth Maul Star Wars toy The Star Wars galaxy far far away is full of exciting characters and vehicles. There have been thousands of Star Wars toys made over the years encompassing the original trilogy, the prequels and the new cartoon series The Clone Wars. BangZap constantly sources vintage Star Wars toys such as original Star Wars figures and famous Star Wars vehicles like the Millenium Falcon.

If you haven't seen the Clone Wars TV series yet you should check it out. There are lots of Star Wars Clone Wars toys in stock from figures like Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to Republic and Separatist spaceships. There are also new Star Wars vehicles and figures packs just in including Darth Maul with his Sith bike and clone troopers on speeder bikes. Stock is constantly being updated so keep checking back for new Star Wars toys for sale.

New & Vintage Transformers Action Figures for Sale

Ironhide Transformers toy The Transformers have had a huge fanbase ever since the fantastic 80's cartoon was first aired. Original Transformers toys are known as Generation 1. In stock we have some fantastic vintage Transformers toys for sale including Metroplex, Ultra Magnus and Galvatron. The robots in disguise make two great toys in one as most of them transform from vehicles into robots.

As a lot of original Transformers toys will come in less than mint condition BangZap has the battered bots range which includes battered Transformer G1 toys for sale.

Thor Action Figures

Thor movie toyMarvel have some fantastic characters such as Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor to name a few. The recent great Thor movie has given us some very cool Thor action figures and there will be more to come with the Avengers movie and Amazing Spiderman movie being released this summer. Stay tuned to BangZap for some great Spiderman figures, Captain America figures, Thor figures and even Hulk figures.

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You can also check out the growing database of Scifi characters as well as toys, games, cartoons and movie reviews on the BangZap blog.